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Bus lane enforcement

Some bus lane enforcement cameras use a sensor in the road, which triggers a number-plate recognition camera which compares the vehicle registration plate with a list of approved vehicles and records images of other vehicles. Other systems use a camera mounted on the bus, for example in London where they monitor Red routes on which stopping is not allowed for any purpose (other than taxis and disabled parking permit holders).

Speed limit enforcement

Main article: Speed limit enforcement Speed enforcement cameras are used to monitor compliance with speed limits, which may use Doppler radar, LIDAR, stereo vision or automatic number-plate recognition.Other speed enforcement systems are also used which are not camera based.

Stop sign enforcement

See also: Stop sign In 2007, the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA), in California, installed the first stop sign cameras in the United States. The five cameras are located in state parks such as Franklin Canyon Park and Temescal Gateway Park. The operator, Redflex Traffic Systems Inc., is paid $20 per ticket. The fine listed on the citation is $100. In 2010, a class action lawsuit was filed against MRCA.[15]

Noise pollution camera ("noise radar")

Noise enforcement cameras are used to monitor and enforce compliance with local or national vehicle noise limits. Trials of noise cameras are conducted using 1st generation technology, which depends on microphones to measure sound. Microphones have been shown to struggle when pinpointing an offending vehicle in heavy traffic. In 2020 the UK Department of Transport published a feasibility study commissioned from a joint venture between engineering consultancies Atkins and Jacobs.[18] The study concluded that noise cameras fail to function well in everyday traffic conditions, owing to sound contamination from adjacent vehicles. The Atkins/Jacobs study was unable to consistently derive sound readings from cars travelling less than ten seconds apart from other vehicles. This limits their use to quieter roads and delays breakeven on investment. Similar results were found in a trial in Edmonton, where local government cited technical shortcomings to explain spending $192,000 on noise cameras that recouped $98,000 in fines.

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